Las Vegas Shooting

The people of the United States were devastated by one of the most tragic and sorrowful events in history. A man who made a negative impact on society struck with the most vicious assault on innocent people of America. During a rock concert in the Las Vegas Strip, Stephen Paddock struck the crowd with his weapons of torture, death, and sorrow. He used assault rifles and other necessary tools to make his attack on the citizens who just wanted to watch a concert. People immediately began to scatter, scream, and disperse as the bullets flew from the towering hotel window, and many did not avoid these flying instruments of torture. Although Paddock was using rapid fire, which included shooting randomly towards subjects below him. The police and other forces immediately arrived on the scene to assist those who had been harmed, or to assist people to escape the uproar. The arrival of the police did not, however, stop Paddock from his assault on the crowd, for he continued to fire his powerful artillery towards the innocent bystanders. As the police searched the area and discussed how to stop this assault, Paddock remained to shoot. This tragic incident ended with at least, if not more, 50 people killed and 200 people injured. This number struck the whole world with surprise, for those statistics tell us about the dangers of even one person if they get their hands on the right weapon. Overall, the Las Vegas shooting is indefinitely not a memory to forget, but instead tragedy to remember and a lesson to be learned whether through our government system, gun laws, or any other necessary topic.


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