Let the Feet do the Talking

Written by: Ruhi Natarajan


         The Varsity Girls Soccer Team has had an incredibly successful season. After the team lacked players and risked having to forfeit the rest of the season, juniors Maddie Culbreth ’19, Hagan Carter ’19, and Maddie Smith ’19 joined and helped the team to continue in the season. When asked how she decided to join the team, Maddie Culbreth ’19 said, “I joined the team to help out my fellow female athletes. The soccer team was in a controversial position, so I helped them out to avoid forfeiture. If my lacrosse team had to face this same problem, I would be eternally grateful towards anyone willing to help to keep our season going.” The team went on to have a 5-6-1 record and qualify for the second round of regionals. The girls lost in a nail-biter game that went into double overtime and penalty kicks. Fiona Toomey ’18 reflects on her final season as a Lynx, “Our team was young this year with the addition of six great seniors. The team came together this year, and I learned a lot more about each member. We experienced a lot together, like playing a game with only nine players, but we still learned and succeeded. This year’s team taught me about the true meaning of being on a team. I am forever grateful for the relationships I formed. Everyone was always passionate and caring.” The Lady Lynx indeed depicted the Lausanne spirit this season as they came together to help each other through a great learning experience. The returning players are excited about next season. Go Lynx!




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