Welcome to High School, Freshman!

Written by: Justice Crawford


Senior Appreciation week is a tradition that Seniors have looked forward to since they were freshmen. This year’s week was probably one of the most laid-back Senior Appreciation weeks in a while. Monday, was the freshmen-senior breakfast in Alumni Dining Hall, where freshman students and seniors could discuss what the plan for the rest of the week was an exchange gift was. I, an as freshmen, thought this was an excellent idea because the seniors do look intimidating at first, but sitting down with them and having a real conversation makes you see them in a friendlier way. Tuesday, was twin day. Some of the costumes varied from matching onesies to freshman students boys wearing dresses with their female senior. Wednesday, was “advertise your senior” day. Freshmen went all out for this day, making giant posters for their seniors and wearing t-shirts with their senior’s picture on it. Thursday was the annual freshmen talent show and “Sizzle.”


Thursday morning, freshmen and seniors gathered in the parking lot and seniors barked out commands at the freshmen to do one which was “SIZZLE,” where freshmen get on the ground and flop around like cooking bacon. Also, there was a group of boys that performed the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from the movie “Mean Girls” in the talent show. Other acts were freshmen doing stand-up comedy and various dance routines. Overall, the Freshmen Talent Show was probably the best day of the week. Friday was Blue and Gold day, where students showed up in school colors. Senior Appreciation week this year was, from a freshmen point of view, not as bad as I had anticipated.



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