The Golden Fork: City Silo

Written by: Orli Katz

This week The Golden Fork, Lausanne’s very own food review, features City Silo Table + Pantry, a modern cafe offering health-oriented options. Located at 5101 Sanderlin Ave, Memphis 38117

City Silo offers a plethora of enticing and flavorful options. In addition to an array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, the cafe offers a vast range of smoothie and fresh juices. It has Tropical Smoothie beat. The stand-by smoothie includes strawberry, banana, and apple juice for a scrumptiously sweet beverage. For a more exciting option, try the Vanilla Happy Daze smoothie filled with banana, almond butter, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, and organic coconut milk- a crowd favorite.


The casual and mellow cafe never strays from impeccable service and tasty dishes. The decor and overall pleasant atmosphere create a positive eating experience for all customers. City Silo pushes for healthier eating while keeping the food tasty; without a doubt, they are successful. Dishes such as avocado toast, foxy bbq sandwich, and the good roots hearty bowl create endless flavor options. If you ever need a little something sweet to top off your exquisite meal, Muddy’s bake shop is just a few doors down! Stop by City Cilo Table and Pantry to try your new favorite restaurant!




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