What’s New in Overton Square?

Written by: Sophie Basco

Overton Square, of Midtown Memphis, is renowned for its live music, food, art, and vibrant surroundings. Overton is a fantastic place for life outside of school, whether it be to eat at Belly Acres, to take a mural tour, or attend live concerts. There is always new, upcoming events and openings no matter what time of the year.For example, Ballet Memphis – the largest professional dance company in the region, non-profit organization, and ballet school – has recently moved its studios from Cordova to the Square.


Final design of new Ballet Memphis studio

As of August 26th, anyone in the community can watch professional dancers rehearse through open studio windows or even attend a dance class! The organization added a new program called Youth Expanded Dance, in which any young Memphians in the community can attend classes in ballet, hip-hop, Latin dance, modern, or even tap.


Before and after: New Face of Overton Square Bar-B-Que

Another new addition to Overton Square, is Stanley Bar-B-Que, though you may know it by its former name—Schweinehaus. Earlier this year, Schweinehaus served German cuisine like beer fries, beer cheese, German pretzels, sauerkraut balls, and fried brussels. This year in pursuit of their BBQ passion, Andy and David Walker decided to convert the German restaurant to Stanley Bar-B-Que, named after their father Stanley Walker.After the conversion, the brothers chose to serve classics such as barbecue nachos, smoked wings, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and homemade pies. However, due to Schweinhaus’ popularity, they decided to also keep German meals on the menu.




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