The Golden Fork: Elwood’s Shack

Written by: Orli Katz

This week The Golden Fork, Lausanne’s very own food review, features Elwood’s Shack, 4523 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122, a comfort food joint known for its barbecue.

Elwood’s Shack, a restaurant in a literal shack, opened five years ago and had seen incredible success ever since. Comfort style food with fantastic flavor keeps customers rolling in the day in and day out. Though small in physical size, Elwood’s Shack is mighty in both taste and production with nearly half the orders made for taking out. The shack is known for its unbelievable barbecue, but it is nothing short of impressive with regards to non-meat dishes. The steelhead trout fish tacos are bursting with flavor. Additionally, the citrus smoked salmon creates an exciting twist on a bagel with cream cheese. The restaurant demonstrates an excellent variety of options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians.

The atmosphere creates a southern and authentic feel. With deer heads on the walls, and small picnic tables on the outside, the decor is unusual yet a fun way to keep it interesting. The small shack’s impeccable service is another excellent aspect of the joint. It is evident that customers come from near and far to enjoy the insanely delicious food at Elwood’s Shack!



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