To Snow? Or not to snow?

Are your parents abandoning you for winter break? Are you watching your friends leave town while you are stuck at home?  Though it may seem unfortunate to watch others relaxing in various tropical locations, there is always a way to enjoy a staycation! Before getting out on the town, take the opportunity to sleep! Because of lack of sleep during the school week, sleep is number one on the activities list!

After feeling rested, the first place to check out is zoo lights! Located at the Memphis Zoo, there is a wide variety of activities such as ice skating, riding the Ferris wheel, camel rides, animal encounters, tram rides, and more! Another great option that involves less walking is to pick a new Netflix series and binge watch the entire show, a popular option. In addition, whether it be trying a new restaurant or seeing a movie, do the activities that you’ve been discussing with your friends for the week but had no time for!  

Furthermore, try baking! There are endless online recipes for holiday treats to attempt. It is quite rewarding to successfully bake sweets and enjoy them with others. In regards to sharing, share your time and give back to the community by volunteering. It can be a retirement home or the humane society. Pick what interests you and spread holiday cheer! Lastly, though not as exciting, try to space a little time for important academic-related tasks that are hard to find the time for during a busy week.Freshman, relax you do not have any long-term projects yet! Sophomores, it is a great time to get a head start on your personal projects! Juniors, take advantage of the ACT and SAT studying. Seniors, college apps? Or not.

Have an amazing winter break, Orli Katz


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