The Crew of Delta Nu

Written by: Ruhi Natarajan

Gabriella Gonzalez ‘18 and Tori Moore-McMiller ’18 are capturing the inside scoop on Legally Blonde the Musical at Lausanne. Legally Blonde the Musical is an upbeat show about girl power and finding self-worth. The musical depicts Elle Woods’ journey as she follows her “one true love” to Harvard Law School. With hard work and lots of studying, she finds she has a knack for law and she has more to her than a great fashion sense and blond locks. As their CAS project, Gabby and Tori are vlogging the entire process of a show at Lausanne, from auditions all the way to show night. The Lynx Link spoke with Gabby and Tori about how they chose to vlog the show:

“It was important that we created a CAS project that was personal to us and our daily lives. We have both been involved in theatre and performing since we were young, so vlogging behind the scenes of the show felt like a natural fit.”- Tori Moore-McMiller ‘18

“Theatre and performing are so important to us and have been for most of our lives, so being able to document our senior show, as well as one of the most difficult shows that Lausanne has ever taken on, is so special to us. I know that we will look back on these vlogs for years to come and remember our days at Lausanne.”- Gabriella Gonzalez ‘18

Here’s the link to their weekly vlogs so you can keep up!


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