The Looks of Lausanne: The “Sole” of Lausanne Fashion

This issue of The Looks of Lausanne discusses how to transform an outfit with your shoes!

Zoe Hamblen comes dressed in simple and tasteful black pants with a neutral cream layered sweater look. She also complements the look with a fun headband matching perfectly with her layered sweaters. The addition of the floral rain boots not only adds color and pizzazz to the look but are also practical for Memphis’ winter precipitation.


The students are not the only ones dressing to impress! Ms. Keene wears a classy yet simple sweater dress. Her patent leather red shoes with velvet ties add texture and color to the outfit to complete the aesthetic.



Vilanna Wang wears a trendy look of silver sneakers. They transform any basic outfit and catch the viewer’s eye immediately. An easy and comfortable way to stay stylish!

Ceylan Metin wears a classy look of denim with white lace. Her elaborate multi-colored combat boots transform the outfit. She even manages to wear matching lipstick for the perfect look!

Hopefully, these trendy looks gave you some ideas about how to use your shoes to create some truly elegant looks. Continue dressing to impress for a feature on The Looks of Lausanne!

Stay stylish, Orli Katz 10th grade


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