Advice to Freshmen from Past Alumni

Sultan Shah

   It’s the beginning of a new school year, which means that the once-middle schoolers are now piling in, starting afresh in high school. It’s quite obvious that, no matter who you are, the transition from eight to ninth grade is a hefty one. The moment that you begin the ninth grade, everything matters: your GPA, your SAT score, your ACT score, your extracurriculars, your varsity sports, your clubs, etc. To say that it’s “no big deal” would be an understatement.

     I can tell from personal experience that my transition into the ninth grade was intimidating, to say the least. Like all of the students in my grade, I had much more stress and work on my hands. I was desperate for any help I could find to aid me in my rocky shift from grades, and luckily, I found help from some of the alumni of Lausanne at the time. If anyone could help me understand Lausanne upper school, who better than the people who experienced it for four years? Now, I’ll be returning the favor to all of you by providing advice from some past alumni of Lausanne Collegiate School.



What should freshman pay the most attention to when starting high school?

When starting high school as a freshman make sure your GPA doesn’t slip, this is the time in high school when classes will be relatively easier.

~Alex Fleet

How did you manage do go to classes day by day? Any stress relievers?

For the classes that can seem unbearable at times, the best relief you can get is by building bonds with your peers. Whether it be sharing frustration or creating jokes, the other students always made the worst classes bearable.

~Alex Fleet

How important do you think extracurriculars are in high school and in the college application process?

I think extracurriculars are extremely important. They help you meet new people, build skills, and make memories! For the college application process you can use the experiences you had from participating in these activities to talk about your skills. Everyone applying to college has taken classes, but not everyone has scored the winning goal of a soccer game with a broken arm. Extracurriculars give you unique experiences that will make you stand out when applying to college.

~Natalie Russell

How soon should students start thinking about which college they want to go to?

I think it’s important to always have college in the back of your mind. Start thinking about factors that you think are important to you such as size, location, public or private university, etc. You should start analyzing your time at Lausanne. See if you like the smaller school vibe or would rather venture out into a bigger environment after high school. You’ll develop skills in your classes and extracurriculars. Start researching careers where your skills can shine and find schools that have stellar programs for what you might want to do. It’s good to do some research in your free time but don’t stress about college your freshmen year! I didn’t start making my list of schools to apply to until junior year.

~Natalie Russell

Any other advice?

Support your friends and classmates. Go to football games, see a play, get out and do things in the community! Memories aren’t made from sitting on the couch. Be willing to try new things and you might find new hobbies or passions!

~Natalie Russell

I hope these help! Good luck!


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