New Additions to the Blue Heron Café


New Additions to the Blue Heron Café

By: Ambria Williams

There’s some amazing new additions to the Blue Heron Café Lynx! All of the food and beverages that you could ever want for a reasonable price. There are brand new breakfast sandwiches for $2.50 and biscuits for $2.00. Yogurt parfaits are another yummy addition to the breakfast with blueberry and strawberry flavors and granola for only $3.00. So if you need some breakfast, you can just stop by the café and grab something quick before class. There are a bunch of new beverages added to the menu as well including frappes, iced coffee, smoothies, and slushies. You can decide between three different flavors for the frappes: caramel, mocha, and white chocolate for only $3.50. Regular and iced coffee are $2.00 while Naked smoothies are the most expensive item on the menu for $4.00. The smoothies costs $3.00 while the slushies costs $2.25 with strawberry and mango as your two different flavor options. Cinnamon rolls with frosting are another delicious addition to the menu for $2.00 and are sold periodically throughout the day. Afterschool, there are a variety of new foods to eat before you head on to your extracurricular activities or home for the day. The pizza from last year has been replaced with fresh  pizza bagels for $1.25 and you have the option of having cheese or pepperoni. There are also new sweet and spicy fried chicken sandwiches created by our incredible staff! Fresh cookies continue to be the most popular item afterschool and there have been a variety of new flavors added including chocolate chip, double fudge chocolate chip, and snicker doodle. Costing only $1.00 for two cookies, students are lining up by the numbers to purchase these cookies at 3:00 or during the rush hour at 3:30. Lucky for us, we have an amazing and hardworking staff at the café who are able to make sure that there are enough cookies for everyone! Along with these new additions to the café menu, there are still a bunch of classic foods that we all know and love including Izzies for $1.75, muffins for $2.00, and chips for $1.00. Everyone should stop by the café at least once this year and check out all of the new affordable and delicious foods and beverages that are offered to us all!



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