October Horoscopes


Enjoy your October Horoscope brought to you by Zoe Hamblen!


This month all your energy needs to be focused on school. You may have slacked of in the past, but this year you can’t get away with that. It may be because you took a harder class or are officially a part of high school, but whatever the reason is, you need to step up your academic game. Luckily for you, this month you will learn a new skill, time management. Whether you are balancing school with sports, the arts, or a job, you will learn to be great at multitasking and get just enough sleep this month. Although this month will be stressful for you, you will overcome it and have a great school year!



Life finally seems to be getting back on track for you this month. You have been through the ringer these past couple of months but now you’re back and better than ever. You now feel as if you can truly move mountains and achieve anything you set your mind to! Now you are in the place you need to be to start projects, to courageously pursue that new relationship, and to show the world what you’re made of. School will be a breeze for you this month, so focus on strengthening your current relationships and treating yourself!



Sorry to say it Pisces, but October is not your month. Your energy has been slowly decreasing each month and now it is at an all-time low. You are more tired, irritable, and have no motivation when it comes to schoolwork. But finally, towards the very end of the month, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will suddenly have a growing desire to make a clean slate and start fresh. You will also begin to have more motivation and ambition when it comes to school work. Although the world may not start to notice a change yet, be patient with yourself and know that you will soon have your mojo back.



This month finds you in full on back to school mode! Your mojo is back and this month your focus will be on projects and school work. You might even have an opportunity to start working on a project that you have been putting off all summer. October is the ideal month for y’all to check off everything on your to-do list! Books overdue, doctors’ appointments, cleaning your room, updating CAS, and more! Although this month will go great, don’t let the last week catch you off guard. You might begin to feel emotionally raw about something and you will be very vulnerable during this time. But fortunately, you are not shy and will wear your heart on you sleeve the whole week!



Love is definitely on your mind this month. If you’re single or have your eye on someone, October is definitely your month. There is a definite possibility that you’ll start seeing someone and quickly realize that this person has relationship potential. Don’t be surprised if you’re dating exclusively by the end of the month. Towards the middle of the month you will find your motivation again when it comes to school! Now that you have had the whole summer to unwind, you will find you have enough ambition, stamina, and strength to easily get through this month! And as the month comes to an end, you will feel clearer and more confident in taking leaps of faith when it comes to decisions.



This month your mind and energy will be focused towards your family. You might host relatives who are visiting from out of town, and if this happen, you will really enjoy connecting with them. On top of thinking about your family, you will also be thinking about improvements you can make at home. This could range from planning how to re-do your whole room to helping your mom out around the house. But be careful, a shift in your social life might be coming your way towards the end of the month. It is possible that one of your friends has betrayed your trust in some way and because of this, you might end up cutting all ties.



Cancers, get ready. Your love life is about to reach a whole new level. Whatever your current relationship state is, you can expect a lot of passion and happenings. This month has blessed you with a once-in-12-years opportunity to meet and fall in love with your soulmate, so be on the lookout! In between moments of romantic bliss, expect some developments in your school life as well. Have grades you want to improve? This is the month to do it. You have lots of luck this month so go talk to your teachers and get those A’s!



This month, after a long summer, you’re finally going to see things turn around. Your personal fresh start is in full bloom now and you’re ready to make some serious magic happen in your life. For this month, time management is your middle name! Whatever is on your plate this month you will handle it with grace and ease. In other news, keep an eye on your friends because this month, one might betray your trust. But don’t let that get in your way Leos because this is your month for a fresh start!! Get rid of those toxic friendships and form new and improved relationships.



You spent a large portion of the summer getting rid of those mental monsters in your closet. But now, Virgos, it’s your month. Your mind has never been sharper and more focused on communicating with others which will help you improve every type of relationship you have. Because of this you’ll have the ambition and stamina to attack even the most daunting assignments. Deadlines? You’ll kill them. Lastly, your friends are here for you this month! They know it’s all about you so they have your back! If you’re in a tough situation, you can put your full trust in them and they will not let you down!



If you play your cards right, you’re going to look back on October with nothing but smiles. Everything is finally starting to come together as you hoped. You will forge many new relationships dominate in athletics this month. If you don’t already have a job this month, get one. Whether it’s working at McDonalds or babysitting you will get many amazing opportunities to earn more money. More importantly, don’t worry about school this month, you have the rest of the year for that! So, go to all the football games and have fun at homecoming!



Things have not been easy for you this summer. You felt as if you had no power in any of your relationships and did not know how to fix it. But lucky for you, this month you will have the courage, stamina, and motivation to take back that power you once had and make those changes. This month people will see a whole new you. You will be more charming, magnetic and receptive than ever, improving existing relationships. You will also feel as though your social life is becoming more fulfilling. You will begin to have more plans with friends, leading to stronger friendships and increasing your self-confidence.



You are on fire this month when it comes to school! You will successfully communicate with your teachers and begin to have relationships with them, making their classes more fun. Along with that you will also finally get the recognition you deserve on your sports team! On the other hand, you will know about all the drama this month, showing others you can be trusted while at the same time making you feel important. While you will have a great month, your love life will be a mess. You will not form any new connections, and if you do there will be awkward first dates or a painful breakup.


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