The Looks of Lausanne: Sweater Weather

     By the time this article is out, it’ll already be fall. Though for me, currently, there’s still a whole week until fall. But 7 whole days is 168 whole hours and 10080 dreadful minutes too long until pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and endless Halloween candy (but pumpkin spice lattes are a no for me – sorry). How can you not be excited for fall?

   Okay, the weather might get freezing soon, BUT that means you can finally start wearing the sweaters that have been hanging in your closet for what seems like forever. In fact, I’ve already seen sweaters begin to make an appearance in the halls of high school, even though (as one of my survey results so perfectly states) “it’s that time of the year when you can wear a sweater in the morning, but it gets hot and you regret it in the afternoon. But you don’t take off the sweater because time is fleeting, and you like the sweater too much”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    So, is it sweater weather now? According to over 65% of you all out there who took the survey, no…not yet – but we’re so ready for it to be. Sweater weather represents so many different times – like when you start desperately trying to turn your cute Monday-dress outfit into something you won’t freeze to death in (short skirts are cute until you’re walking to convocation in below-freezing winds turning your legs into literal icicles). Although, if you aren’t as excited for fall as much as I am, don’t worry. It’s the end of summer, which means it’s basically already fall, which means it’s basically already holiday season!!! Sweater weather is also that transition from everything looking like that aesthetic fall ~orangey-red~ to Christmas parties and a blanket of snow over everything (maybe a little unrealistic for Memphis, we’ll see…). Then it’s the perfect time for those fuzzy, oversized sweaters that are simply impossible to wear now without overheating.

     Some brave souls have already begun to wear sweaters to school (while managing to not sweat to death and look cute? Impressive), while others refuse to give in to the temptation of sweater weather and seem to be enjoying the heat while it lasts. Though with the AC in Lausanne classrooms blasting out wind straight from the North Pole, it might as well already be sweater weather. And we can’t wait.

Jackie isn’t quite ready to let go of the summer warmth just yet!Jackie.png

Rafaela and Minaal look carefree and comfy in their colorful sweaters!

rafa and minaal.png


Virginia models happily for the camera in her pretty blue sweatervirginia.png

According to Ruhi, “every day is sweater weather!” She and Zoe are embracing sweater weather with open arms.

Ruhi and zoe.png

Stay stylish for a feature on The Looks of Lausanne,

Vilanna Wang


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