What does Lausanne mean to you?



By: Ved Dalal


I’m a kinda crazy person, you know: I feel as if I’m the only person who wants to get up on Monday mornings and come to Lausanne Collegiate School. The ‘kids are supposed to hate school’ stereotype doesn’t really apply to me for some reason. However, I haven’t always been like that; I used to hate waking up and coming to school, but now it’s all I look forward to.

I’ve been at Lausanne since senior kindergarten, and I’ve seen it gradually change throughout my years here. I’ve seen both good and bad changes, but for the most part, the community is still very similar to how it’s been for ten years, and that’s a great thing in my opinion. Although the teachers change frequently, they still embody the Lausanne Way as much as they’ve ever had. Lausanne’s honestly my real family, and it’s shaped who I am today more than any other person or organization.

Lausanne’s been a large influence in my life, but how about yours? Take a minute and think of how Lausanne’s affected your life.


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