What’s New in the Dining Hall?

By: Jacqueline Lee

If you haven’t heard yet, this school year, Lausanne welcomed a new chef to the dining hall! Chef Matt Pearce is a Pennsylvania native, who has worked at numerous universities around the East Coast area. Chef Matt is a classically French trained chef, but his past experiences in different culinary environments have given him a broad culinary influence. Now, some of his favorite cuisines to prepare include Southern, Pan-Asian, Italian, and comfort foods.

During our brief chat, Chef Matt mentioned many new changes that we can look forward to seeing this school year: “This year we have placed an emphasis on our quality of food, the variety of food we are offering each meal period, and trying to include healthy hearty options. It’s been an exciting start to the year and I feel that we have done a good done on certain things [, such as] our Buddha bowl[, which] has been a big hit, as well as the French fry bar, and of course chicken wing day. [However,] we are still improving and trying to better ourselves each day, to create the best meal service possible for the students and faculty at Lausanne. Also, desserts will be offered again a few times a week, starting later on this week.”


With all these new developments heading our way, I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t wait to see what’s in store for lunch this year!


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