New Club: Conspiracy Theory Club

Maura Cliff

         Conspiracy Theory Club is a club for those who love to talk about conspiracies and are looking for a relaxed space to share their theories and opinions. When I went to observe and interview the club, Conspiracy Theory Club was starting with a survey on conspiracy theories that interest them or offend them in order to make sure the club is as successful as possible. When interviewing the members of the club, all of them had different favorite conspiracy theories ranging from the Mandela Effect to the Flat Earth Theory. I interviewed the presidents Zoe Hamblen and Will Neff on their vision for the club and why others should join.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for this club?

Will: “It was my idea”

Both: “We love conspiracies and want to create a space where we can share our ideas with others and get to learn other conspiracy theories from them”

Q: What do you do in the club?

Zoe: “We start with a PowerPoint where Will and I explain the conspiracy theory then the next week we have a debate”

  1. Do you believe in conspiracy theories or do you just find them interesting?

Will: “Both. Sometimes I find a conspiracy theory that is actually believable”

Zoe: “Both, but most are just fun to think about”

  1. Why should people join your club?

Will: “We have food, we have fun”

Zoe: “We are open-minded and relaxed, so people can feel free to share their ideas”


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