Upcoming Musical – Once Upon a Mattress!

Jacqueline Lee

If you haven’t heard yet… this year’s high school musical is Once Upon a Mattress! According to Whit Ford and Ethan Leggett, who were both cast as main characters in the play (Whit as the Minstrel and Ethan as the Wizard), Once Upon a Mattress follows “the story of The Princess and the Pea, but told from a feminist perspective and also with some adult twists”.

Starring in the musical are:

  • Mackenzie Barbour as Queen Aggravain
  • Audrey Chatfield as Princess Winnifred
  • Liv Clayton as the Jester
  • Mathew Russell as the mute king, King Sextimus the Silent
  • Sophie Faughnan as Lady Larken
  • Robert Walters as Sir Harry, Lady Larken’s lover
  • Whit Ford as the Minstrel
  • Ethan Leggett as the Wizard
  • And many more featured characters!

When asked about how he feels about the show, Whit exclaimed, “I am very excited! It should be lots of fun! This will be my third high school musical at Lausanne. And it’s one of the seniors’ last, obviously, so it’s really sad and it’s an extremely great group of seniors leaving. But the show should be really great and I’m looking forward it!” For everyone who is as excited as Whit is about the musical, Once Upon a Mattress will be showing in EPAC in late February.


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