All about Zzzz…

Maura Cliff

Typically, teens should be getting around 8-10 hours. However, with homework and extracurriculars it is difficult to get the right amount of sleep. Some people have certain genetics that allow them to get by with less sleep. Sleep quality is also important, for if you have poor sleep quality even with the appropriate amount of sleep, you can still feel tired. Below, there will be some guides on how to know if you are getting enough sleep and some tips on how to fall asleep.

How to Tell if You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep (this is a set of possible symptoms; however, I am not a doctor and advice you not to diagnose yourself just based on this list)

  • You are in a negative mood
    • Crankiness, irritability, and stress can be a result of not getting enough sleep
  • You are having trouble focusing and your performance is dropping
  • You are gaining weight
  • You look tired
    • Red, puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes
  • You feel tired during the day

Tips for being able to go to sleep:

  • Follow a regular schedule
  • Create a bedtime routine
  • Create a comfortable environment
    • Do not do your homework in your bed
  • Minimize intake of caffeine
  • Reduce use of electronic or bright lights before you go to sleep
  • Be more active
  • Practice medication


Now, I know high school is very stressful and there is an enormous amount of work that needs to be completed, however, it must be stressed that sleep is a very important factor in performing well in school and in living a healthy lifestyle.


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