Beale Street or Mempho Music Festival?

Orli Katz

    Those who have attended, know its worth enduring the hours of standing and confined space with strangers for the sheer joy of hearing your favorite artists perform live. The Beale Street Music Festival (BSMF) and Mempho Musical Festival are two widely attended events in the city of Memphis. Patiently awaited each year by citizens of all ages, the two musical festivals host artists from far and wide. Unfortunately, both events’ tickets are rather expensive, especially for the average teenager. This brings the question: If you can only pick one to attend, which one do you choose?

   As location goes, Shelby farms is certainly more convenient for parking. However, geographically, if you live closer to downtown memphis, BSMF is the better option. The motive to attend these events is entertainment. So, location is not of the highest priority to general attendees. The priority lies in which music festival provides an overall better experience. Some students share their opinions on the two festivals:

   “The wait to see Logic was much more bearable because there were other good artists to watch and so you were never really bored. At Mempho, the only artist I really knew was Post Malone and the wait between the artists’ sets were at least an hour. Unlike BSMF, I was bored for the majority of the time at Mempho. So, although the wait was worth it to see Post Malone, I would rather go back to BSMF because of the variety of artists and because you’re never bored.” – Zoe Hamblen, 2020

   “Mempho was a much more more kid friendly environment than BSMF. BSMF was 40 year olds throwing up everywhere. Looking forward to Mempho’s lineup next year!” -Shivani Koka, 2020



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