November Horoscopes       

Zoe Hamblen


Watch your back Capricorns! At the beginning of the month you may find out exactly who is (and isn’t) on Team Capricorn because peoples true colors will finally be clearly revealed. Do not be afraid to start liberating yourself from those toxic relationships. Start of the holiday season with healthy relationships only! Towards the middle of the month it’s a good time to make those decisions you have been putting off! You might even be inspired to go on a diet or start exercising because this month your focus is about having a healthy lifestyle! Lastly, at the end of the month, one you have cut all your unhealthy ties, your social life will be on an upswing. It will be easy for you to connect with old friends and to make new friends!



Get ready! This might be your most productive month yet! You will start off this month ready to finish 2018 on a high note. You will feel capable and confident; make sure to put that energy towards a project or a goal, because after November your energy will become less goal driven. Although productivity is your focus for this month, don’t forget to party! Towards the middle of the month you will be the QUEEN of time management. Your social life will become a vibrant scene and you will finish all your assignments on time! Lastly, towards the end of the month be decisive, it will pay off! Don’t just talk about what you want. Take concrete actions to achieve your goals!



This is your month to make a change! I growth surge is headed your way, bringing abundance to your public image and success. But what’s even more exciting is that this month, you will have the confidence to take a leap of faith. All the balls are in your court this month, so it’s your turn to make your mark. Towards the middle of the month you’re going to be hit hard by a jolt of energy! The past months have been hard, leaving you with less and less motivation, but don’t worry! Forget about those months because you are entering a fast-paced couple of months and won’t be hitting the breaks anytime soon.



Get ready to relax Aries, this month you will be in focus mode. Use this month to process heaving emotions or forging meaningful relationships. Although you probably have no free time, try to find a time to relax, maybe even try to meditate. Your priority this month is you. Take the time to strengthen your relationships and show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. But more importantly, treat yourself!! Buy yourself those shoes that have been in your shopping cart all year! Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, there will be lots of gratitude and good vibes on Thanksgiving which will allow you to relax even more. You will get to spend time with the people you love the most so take advantage of that!



This month is all about relationships. Who is on team Taurus? It will be easy for you to make friends this month, so take advantage of this month to forge meaningful relationships and cut off toxic ones! But strong emotions could erupt from all this change, so make sure to lean on your true friends to keep you in line because they will ALWAYS have your back. Knowing this, make sure you always have their backs. You may need to comfort or support someone going through an intense time this month. Since this month is about relationships, you know what that means… your ex’s. The end of the month could bring back ex’s or old relationship issues. So, watch for jealousy or trust issues to flare or for the return of an ex!



Time to reboot your healthy habits Gemini! Movement and clean eating will be your saving graces at the beginning of the month so you can eat all you want on Thanksgiving! Because this month is all about growth, you might outgrow certain people. But there is a possibility that your relationships could also be rejuvenated and begin to grow even stronger. Whatever might happen, use this month to find a new, healthy balance of give and take with everyone in your life. Towards the end of this month there will be drama as well! An ex may have resurfaced or you could have dealt with disruptive and drama filled problems with everyone around you. We know Geminis enjoy a little drama, but we know your patience wears out fast. So, try to improve on that and get through this month drama free!



This month is all about looking at the big picture and setting goals for yourself. If your stress levels are through the roof, it is time to start delegating. Know what to prioritize, and give those things your all! Later in the month, after you have successfully learned how to delegate and are starting to achieve goals you have set, you might be thrown a curveball, so be on your toes Cancer. All your goals and plans could easily fall apart, forcing you to scramble trying to finish things at the last minute. If you can make it through that, you are golden for the rest of the month! You will begin to see the glass as half full, and get right back into your spirit of optimism and gratitude right on time for the holidays!







It’s your favorite time of the year Leo’s! Holiday season! You are probably already drafting your holiday gifting and guest lists or eyeing Christmas decorations! Although you will be filled with optimism and positive energy for the rest of the year, try not to let that take away from your grades. Use that positive energy to get ahead on school, so you can finish the year in a good mood with good grades! If you thought this month couldn’t get better, Leo, you were wrong! You will have a surplus of good fortune this month! So, take some risks this month, because they might just work in your favor! Lastly, towards the end of the month, you will try your best to stop focusing on the holidays, and focus on your athletics. You will start to be an amazing team player, and trust me, the coaches will notice. And don’t forget Leo’s, next month is Christmas!



This month, Virgo, you’re a multitasking expert! Your calendar will be packed to the seams with events, meetings, parties, and more! You’ll be glad to have a supportive friend group this month! During all the chaos, you will start to get out of your head and into your heart. Warning: your moods will swing from high to low at different times, so make time for self-care and lean on your friends when you need them! Once thanksgiving comes along, you’ll be ready to start hanging the holiday decorations and playing those seasonal playlists through your speakers! But be careful! For many Virgo’s, family gathering has turned into big meltdowns, and this year, the stage is set for another round. But try not to worry about that, enjoy the holidays!



Try not to be independent this month! Don’t wait around for other people to notice when you’re feeling off. Let your friends know you need some support! They always have your back! This month you will open your doors to new opinions and be intrigued by different backgrounds and cultures. So, explore new cultures, try new foods and travel! Although we know you love shopping, try channeling that energy into some holiday season giving. Dish out meals at a shelter or help sort donated goods for delivery! After volunteering, treat yourself! Go get a massage, do yoga, or just relax! You need a break before the holiday seasons!



Its Scorpio season!! It is your time to shine! This month, all your problems seem to magically disappear! Say goodbye to complications with your relationships, enjoy your time with our friends this month! In the middle of the month, your focus will shift to more practical and productive tasks. Use this time to complete the arduous tasks that you have been putting off this year. But good news Scorpios! This month You will be more charming, magnetic and receptive than ever, improving existing relationships! The holidays are also starting to look promising on the love front! Before your mindset is all work, save room for some romance too! It’s your month after all!



This is a dull month, Sagittarius. This is the month to expand and grow as a person to prepare for next month. Although this month might be a little boring you will still be up all night… because of school. As usual you will feel simultaneously tired and wired at the same time, and probably will pull an all-nighter at some point this month. But get that stuff done so you can enjoy yourself next month! You might also have some emotional surges this month. Your love life may have its ups and downs, but you will learn lessons along the way about patience. On top of all of this, Sagittarius, we know you’re excited for next month!





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