Spooky Season Continued

Ved Dalal

As the leaves start falling from the trees and the weather starts to chill us to our bones and cobwebs are starting to pop up in our hallways, it’s time to take a closer look at the spooky season here at Lausanne Collegiate School! Last week, I sent out a survey to the Upper School regarding what us students find scary, and here are the results.

There were 97 responses (30% juniors, 22% freshmen, 19% seniors, 18% sophomores and 12.4% teachers/faculty) to the survey, and each answer brought back valuable data (except the people who cheated themselves out of answering the last question, of course…).

According to the data, the most common name (of those surveyed) is “parker ashton,” from whom we have two responses.

37.1% of respondents ranked “Getting called by the PA to report to Dr. Campbell’s office” as the scariest thing on the first list…a shame because Dr. Campbell’s quite nice once you get to know him. “Mr. Shaner waking you up in a dream” was the second scariest competitor.

36.1% of respondents ranked their “extended essay” as the subject giving them the most spooks so far, which is funny because a high percentage of people who put ‘extended essay’ as their scariest subject were freshmen and sophomores. 20.6% said they were most stressed about politics, which makes sense as well.


Of the options, ‘you have an in-class essay in English/literature over the pages you had for homework but you didn’t do the homework’ was the most picked choice. I guess many Lausanne students have something in common—not reading assigned chapters for homework! We also have a collective issue waking up after sleeping at 4 AM from being over-homework-ed the previous night, which is perfectly reasonable.

Now, here are the real questions!

I’m going to classify the following responses as the ‘spookiest,’ the ‘funniest,’ and the ‘weirdest.’


  1. “Dress up Dr. Campbell as a ghost, jump scare people, and then take the costume off and reveal him to say: “I need to see you in my office”. That second jump scare might give them a heart attack.” – Senior Matthew Russell
    1. Easily the spookiest, for obvious reasons. Thanks, Matthew!
  2. “The Lausanne Football Team losing state” – Junior
    1. You better not jinx us..but yes, that would be scary and saddening.
  3. “Emotional vulnerability” – Senior
    1. Agreed 100%, emotional vulnerability always come into season about now.
  4. “Spooky themed lunch” – Senior Maggie
    1. I think we have that every year, but yes, that’d be spooky!
  5. “College letter of denial” – Senior Robert
    1. Yep, that’s not just spooky, but genuinely scary. Good luck with the college applications, guys!
  6. “Pop quizzes!” – Mr. Becker
    1. Guys and gals in his classes, watch out!!
  7. “Hidden ghosts/goblins throughout Lausanne’s campus” – Unnamed teacher or another faculty member
    1. Sounds like a plan!


  1. “No homework for the next month(teachers take note, could REALLY scare the students😉)” – Sophomore Brecken Brown
    1. This is it, chief. You do have a point, though, if all the teachers stop giving homework suddenly, we’d think something’s up!
  2. “Everyone is just dressed up as Mr. Shaner” – Junior Trip Magdovitz
    1. Wherever he buys his ties from will stay in business, for sure.
  3. “We could go door to door in the hallways like trick or treating and the teachers give us candy.” – Freshman Jordan Pendleton
    1. Seems like a great idea! (psst. Dr. Hodges and Ms. Williams might have hidden stashes of candy in their rooms!)
  4. “Shaner skeletor” – Freshman Wyatt


  1. “Failing an exam/Big hairy eggplants!!” – Sophomore
    1. cursed image
  2. “Pretending that peeled grapes are eyeballs.” – Mrs. Clagett
    1. Definitely spooky, but probably fits into the ‘weird’ category better. You’ve got a nice imagination there, Mrs. Clagett!
  3. “The Zombie Yankees returning to eat brains/win the World Series” – Mr. Linebaugh
    1. I don’t get this, but sure!
  4. “Hillary Clinton” – Freshman
    1. Very scary? Sure. Relevant? Not really.






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