Supreme: A Name Brand

James Locke

    Supreme has become one of the most recognizable and sought after brand names in the world of fashion. It’s impossible to miss the iconic box logo printed on almost all of their items.. Fashion trends have made the streetwear brand’s fame astronomical, but it raises one question; is it worth the hype?

   Supreme began in 1994, selling mostly to skateboarders at a surprisingly affordable price range. In the mid 2010’s, rappers like A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator helped market Supreme to the larger hip hop community. It has since evolve the brand into mainstream, and trendy streetwear.

Now in 2018, People camp in line for hours at a time just to buy an item from their latest drop. Others spend absurd amounts of money just to cop the latest gear for resale value.

While the brand is extremely popular, many view the brand as exorbitant and overpriced. The classic box logo T-shirt has a basic white background, with a 3×11 red rectangle with the word “supreme” written in white. At market price, the shirt is sold for $300. As if this isn’t expensive enough, they are often re-sold by customers online for roughly $1,400.

While the prices are no joke, buyers view the brand’s exclusiveness as a big part of the appeal.

Out of 683 memphis area high schoolers surveyed in an Instagram poll, only 34% of voters claim they would spend their own money on any Supreme clothing.

While only a select number of these teenagers would buy Supreme, the fashion company only releasing a small number of products, to a small number customers. This tactic is what controls the supply and demand, causing the inflated prices.

As Lausanne 10th grader Mo Gilbert explains, “It is all a matter of personal opinion, if you want to buy it, buy it.”



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