The Golden Fork: Global Café

Lindsey Baker

If you are looking for a great place to grab a bite and you are near Crosstown Concourse, be sure to check out Global Café. This restaurant just opened a month or so ago and features dishes from Sudan, Nepal, and Syria. The founder of the restaurant is Lausanne parent Sabine Norris, who began the restaurant to give immigrants the opportunity to gain experience in the business of operating a restaurant. Employees come from all over the world, from Mexico to Switzerland to Nepal.

As far as food goes, the menu at Global Café is featured at three stalls, one for each culture represented by the chefs. I have personally eaten at the Sudanese and Nepalese stalls and can’t wait to go back to try more! If you are a fan of samosas or dumplings, the Nepalese booth has delicious versions of both that are flavorful and still leave room for the rest of your meal. At the Sudanese booth, there is a dish that consists of a soup of the day and a cheese and potato stuffed bread that makes an incredible lunch! The Syrian booth features kabob sandwiches and popular Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus and falafel. No matter what you try, this restaurant will deliver delicious tastes from all over the world!



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  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout!


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